Simple, Lightweight, but Not Beautiful

Free and Open Source Software

The Free and Open Source Software movement provides the backbone to the modern Internet. FOSS is a labor of love from an engineer to the world. The most famous FOSS contributions are GNU and Linux. GNU and Linux collectively create an ecosystem for the modern Internet to operate, modern businesses to run their critical databases, and government and university research facilities to pave the path to new futures. Sabi has not quite made a contribution of this scale, but this is an attitude we try to keep at the forefront of our mind as we operate in both our commercial and free endeavors.

FOSS from our Engineers at Sabi

We are very proud of the work that our engineers at Sabi do. We want to spotlight the hard work our engineers do, but we also want to broadcast the creativity. We hope to encourage others to adapt our code and tweak it and make it their own. Maybe they'll come up with a great idea! It's all about moving the ball forward.

Lain - CLI-to-Discord Utility: Make posts to Discord from the Linux command line

Antsible - Ansible Hosts File Utility Server: Automate /etc/ansible/hosts

nervOS - A distro for developers: Streamline the things you want to do