The Mission & Vision

Last Update: March 17, 2022

The Mission & Vision of Sabi is to help grow the cyberworld by empowering individuals with accessible services.

Our audience

The blossoming business just at its beginning, just a sale or two under the belt; the established mom-and-pop shop operating like its still 1960; the artist working part-time while going to school to study for a "safe job"; the community organizer looking to get people together on a $0 budget. These are our target audiences. We are looking to make the Internet, computers, & technology in general more accessible to everyone. Lowering the barrier of entry is a critical to the design of Sabi products. We want to see what the world would look like if everyone could do their passion projects and had a team of engineers to help them!


Sabi was born with others in mind. Collaborate and bring something to the table with us! We would love to work together. People should work on the work they want to work on, probably not what their current 9-to-5 has them in currently. If you think that you can bring something to the table, let us know in our Contact form.

At the end of the day what we want

We want to make life simple.

We want our engineers to live fulfilling lives working on tasks they are enthusiastic about while channeling that energy to help people use the Internet and technology to the best of their ability.

We want our customers to be accessibly equipped with tools, skills, and services to bring them up to speed with what the tech world knows.