The Mission & Vision

As-salamu alaykum

The Mission of Sabi is to help move the ball forward for society by unlocking new creative potential and technological opportunities in everyone.

The Vision of Sabi is a world where anyone can use the Internet freely without restrictions on technical skills, finances, or your personal freedom. Sabi was born as a pure labor of love. We want a world where everyone can contribute the Internet and make the New World more rich.

Realizing our Vision

Sabi is realizing this vision through pure love and determination. We are taking action and making changes. We worked upfront to create something really cool that we're excited to share with everyone. The Sabi Saga starts with a concussion and ends with a sappy, real-life love story. Its a long story, so for now we are posting the short version. This will be updated with the full story at some point.

Sabi Capsule

Our flagship platform Capsule is the capsule hotel of the Internet. Inspired by the capsule hotels of Japan, a series of economic hotels where patrons famously sleep in horizontal pods. Capsule is a marketplace for anyone to purchase and operate their own website without any technical knowledge at all. Grandma's dog could run its own blog and journal the day in the life of a canine. There are a growing variety of Capsule Rooms available for purchase. Check out the Capsule Blog for new Rooms being made available for you.

Blogboi is our flagship Room available on Capsule. Customers that purchase a Blogboi room will have a modern blog website they can update through our easy-to-use Simple Content Delivery Platform. Blogboi is a blogging website. Customers can operate and update blogs on their website they can control and own.

Simple Content Delivery Platform

Its important that you know how to use your software intuitively. No one has time to learn how to use some hard to login into website manager garbage to add some code here and there. All of our Capsule Rooms are updated using the same Simple Content Delivery Platform created here in house at Sabi. The Simple Content Delivery Platform is a set of webforms you click and complete and Sabi magic updates all of the databases, security certificates, scalable infrastructure, etc to reflect the changes to your website for you. We say Sabi magic, but its really just lots and lots and lots of automated code. We stayed up all night for two years to bring you a way to use the Internet at a way that works for you: whether computers are not your thing, or money is feeling a bit tighter. We want a world accessible to everyone.

Sabi was born with others in mind: the artist, the engineer, the visionary. Let us help you take the first step and find your happy place. After all, people are happiest when they work on what they’re passionate about. Find your passion here, or already have a passion that you want to share with the world? Let us help you make it real!